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Olive Tea(Leaf Infusion Classic)


A truly celebratory drink to uplift your good times with a bit of caramel and cinnamon.


A celebration’s not complete until you’ve had some delectable dessert. This brisk chai is made exclusively for grand festivities and celebrations. The luscious caramel and cinnamon fills the cup making it truly jubilant with their pleasant sweetness and lending the liquor a creamy texture. The warmth and subtle aroma of cinnamon can be traced around the edges which makes the experience lively ending in a soft note of butterscotch. Revel in the flavors of this hearty drink and liven up the festivities.



Beaming with notes of caramel interlaced with subtle sweetness of vanilla, cinnamon and hints of butterscotch.


Dark amber


The liquor is brisk, medium-bodied and starts with delicious flavors of caramel and vanilla which gradually grow big and resonate throughout the lenght of the cup. Delicate notes of cinnamon can be perceived aroud the edges adding more variety and liveliness to the liquor. A soft note of butterscotch can be picked up in the aftertaste.


A fitting accompaniment to finger food and healthy snacks

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