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Olive Tea(Leaf Infusion Mint)


A delightful Assam cup with notes of malts & stone-fruits


Picked from Assam’s finest tea estates, this classic blend is a tea lovers’ favorite. A full-bodied cup with characteristic malty aromas! Hints of yellow raisins and date palms come towards the middle with delectable notes of stone-fruits near the end. A perfect cup to start your day!



Marked by notes of malt, date palm, yellow raisins along with stone-fruity accents


Dark Amber


A full-bodied, mellow cup which starts with delectable malty flavors which gradually grow big and define the central theme of the liquor. Subtle sweet undertones, akin to yellow raisins and date palm can be perceived towards the middle; adding a layer of depth and vivacious intensity to the cup. Delicate woody accents can be picked up towards the end, which however ebb to finish on delightful stone-fruity flavors; making for a memorable cup of Assam orthodox black tea.


A hearty breakfast spread of buttered toast, jam, bacon, eggs and fresh fruit

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