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Olive Tea(Leaf Infusion Lemongrass)


A spicy masala chai that you won’t find anywhere else, boasting a pungent kick of Bishop’s Weed and black cardamom.


It’s unlikely that you’ve tasted a masala chai like this one before. Unusually strong for a masala chai, it includes Bishop’s Weed and black cardamom – two of the strongest spices from north India – that lend a powerful kick to the brew, even with the addition of milk.



Top note of mace followed by notes of bishop’s weed, ginger, cardamom and pepper.


Dark amber


The liquor is exceptionally warm and spicy. A pungent hint of Bishop’s Weed starts the cup while warmer notes of mace, clove, and bay leaves emerge towards the middle. Fennel lends sweetness to the cup while pepper enhances the warmth of the liquor. The flavor of Bishop’s Weed returns prominently in the aftertaste.


Croquette, fritters, fried fish, chicken wings, buttery pies and syrup-based desserts.

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