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Classic Darjeeling Black


Notes of stone-fruits brighten up this Darjeeling cup

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This blend is a simple yet skillful mix of Darjeeling’s finest Chinary black teas. A medium-bodied cup that begins with delectable flavors of oaks with notes of dried berries and fresh hazelnut towards the middle. Stone-fruity hints add a certain depth to the experience. The aftertaste is nutty, making this cup a memorable experience of summer Darjeeling!



Marked by notes of oak wood, dried berries, fresh nuts and mild tones of firewood




A medium-bodied, mellow cup which starts with pronounced oaky flavors and mingle with soft notes of dried berries and fresh hazelnut towards the middle. The flavors are clear, layered and feel ample in the mouth. Nuanced undertones of fire-wood interlaced with stone-fruity accents similar to apricot are discernible around the edges, adding a layer of depth and liveliness to the liquor. Muted nutty characters linger on in the aftertaste; making for a memorable experience of Summer chinary balck tea from the splendid hills of Darjeeling.


Puff pastry, croissants, muffins, strudel, scrambled eggs, buttered toast and sab


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