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English Breakfast Black


The classic sweet-smoky flavors come round in this strong malty cup.

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Rich and robust, this stays true to the classic English breakfast, Its stand-out features are its flavors that are of a progressively gradient nature. They start mellow and sweet going all the way to strong and high-fired. Along the way, you taste notes of honey and malt, with a hint of tobacco.




Dense, sweetness of malt and honey followed by hints of high fired leaf


Deep red


This tea delights your imagination with classic sweet-smoky flavors of a timeless blend. The infusion is dense and sweet with redolence of malt and honey, peppered with a smoky hint that stays well into the finish. Robust and smooth, a dash of milk uplifts the brew tremendously.


This rich breakfast tea is great with sausages, french toast, eggs and bacon.


1 kg, 100 gm, 200 gm, 5 gm, 500 gm

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