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Sancheti Roasted Darjeeling Black


A Darjeeling cup with notes of burnt wood & smoky aromas.


Sourced fresh from the iconic tea plantations of Darjeeling, this blend is a unique selection of black teas. A full-bodied cup that starts with pronounced notes of burnt wood. Around the middle, smoke and firewood aromas arrive, immediately balanced by pleasant raw fruity accents. The aftertaste is of red berries. Add a dash of milk to enhance the flavors even more. A smoky rich cup, ideal for all Darjeeling tea lovers!



Marked by notes of burnt wood, unripe tree fruit,smoky with subtle hint of red berries


Dark Amber


A full-bodied, brisk cup which starts with pronounced notes of burnt wood interlaced with a subtle earthy character which hums along throughout. Pleasant hints of astringency is discernible towards the middle and around the edges from the smoky and firewood flavors; which however is balanced by pleasant raw fruity tones towards the finish. A savoury aftertaste of red berries leaves a radiant feel on the palate.


Cheddar cheese, macaroni and dark chocolate

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