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Nilgiri Jasmine Green


For fans of floral teas, we bring an intoxicating blend of Indian jasmine and high-grown green tea.


This is a perfumed blend of high-grown Nilgiri green tea that’s scented with freshly plucked Indian jasmine, marigold and cornflowers. The tea serves as a counterpoint to the heady floral aromatics. Taking center stage is the jasmine, the undisputed diva here. Its fragrance stays with you long after you’ve taken the last sip.



Lifted note of jasmine and undertones of fresh greens


Light yellow


A heady note of jasmine is discernible throughout the length of the cup. Undercurrents of cut grass and fresh greens lend a crisp base to the floral aromatics. The liquor is brisk, robust, and feels ample in the mouth.


Steamed rice, sticky rice pudding and vanilla panna cotta.

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