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Organic Darjeeling Green


A Darjeeling cup with pleasant & fresh green flavors.


We have crafted this green tea, sourced from Darjeeling’s iconic tea estates. Embarking on a light note of cooked corn, accompanied by green flavors, fresh legumes, and celery, its experience ends with a hint of cucumber. A sophisticated brew made for the finest tea lovers, this fresh and pure delight from Darjeeling leaves an enduring effect.



Marked by notes of corn, cooked veggies, fresh legumes and hints of wood


Light seafoam-green


A light-bodied, clean and brisk cup which starts out with light notes of cooked corn which gradually subside to reveal pronounced sweet green flavors, similar to fresh legumes and celery-like greens towards the middle. Mild toasted notes shore up around the edges, which however ebb to finish on soft, cucumber-like hints rendering a rounded feel to the cup. Subtle sweet tones linger on in the aftertaste, making for a memorable experience of Darjeeling green tea from this Organic estate.


Asian salads, pasta, fritters and savory pies

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