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Paan Rose Green


A sumptuous blend made with flavors unique to the Indian subcontinent. Just right after a grand feast.


Paan is used after meals as mouth freshener and digestive. It’s a great after meal titbit that is sweet, delightful, and refreshing. The complex flavors of paan that come together will definitely ease you with your festive indulgences. Fennel, rose petals, green cardamom, it’s all there for a complete paan experience.



Marked by notes of sweet fennel with delicious notes of paan and exquisite hint of roses.


Light gold


A light-bodied, brisk cup which starts off with pleasant notes of sweet fennel which subside to reveal a buoyant note of paan which coats the palate right till the finish. Beautiful fragrance of rose coupled with a furtive wave of cardamom can be perceived intermittently, rendering an invigorating feeling and complementing the “paan” flavor. The sweetness of paan lingers on in the aftertaste.


After heavy meal, Ideal with any sweet dessert

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